Akar from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Lebanese foreign policy is a faithful translation of the consensus among its nationals


Deputy Prime Minister, caretaker for national defense and acting foreign and emigration minister Zeina Akar met with diplomats and ministry staff on Monday when she was taking over her caretaker duties at the ministry.

On the occasion, she gave a speech in which she shared her plan of action to deal with the difficult period Lebanon is currently going through.

“One of the main priorities that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants should work on is openness to all fraternal and friendly countries in a way that preserves the friendships of Lebanon and the dignity of its citizens while respecting national constants, all of them The Lebanese diplomatic missions must work to restore the trust and partnership of regional and international institutions, ”said Akar.

She also stressed the need to launch the ministry’s plan of action with the Arab Brothers of Lebanon, “with whom we have common alliances, language, affiliations and other common interests”.

Akar then called for the adoption of a foreign policy in which the interests of Lebanon have top priority. “Lebanon’s foreign policy is a faithful translation of the consensus among its nationals. It should never be a source of disagreement and alienation between them, ”she affirmed.

Akar also took advantage of Lebanon’s full awareness of the Israeli danger and stressed the need to deal firmly with it. She also called for the mobilization of Arab and international public opinion to support Lebanon’s rights to land and water – in accordance with applicable international law.

“Lebanon upholds the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland and has refused resettlement in accordance with the preamble to the Lebanese constitution. Lebanon is also committed to resolution 1701 in all its provisions and to the mission of UNIFIL, as approved in the renewal resolution recently issued by the Security Council.

Akar also stressed the importance of communicating with the Lebanese diaspora, which has shown unprecedented solidarity with Lebanon during its successive crises.

“We cannot forget the support of the Lebanese diaspora after the unfortunate explosion in the port of Beirut,” she added.

Akar finally drew attention to the administrative and organizational situation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigration, as is permissible as part of their support mission. She also stressed the need to start preparations for the foreign elections in the upcoming round of parliamentary elections.


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