Florida TaxWatch releases 2021 Budget Turkey Watch report



Florida TaxWatch released its 2021 Budget Turkey Watch report on Monday, which lists 116 funds for the government. Ron DeSantis rethink.

The annual report inherently identifies funds that the charitable watchdog believes have escaped proper scrutiny. This year the “turkeys” total US $ 157.5 million.

“The 2021 Budget Turkey Watch Report is our ambition to shed light on membership projects that would otherwise have gone unnoticed without proper public input and debate and to ensure that the interests of Florida taxpayers are safeguarded,” said Florida TaxWatch, senior vice president President of Research Kurt Wenner.

Among the highlights of the report is that TaxWatch finds that members’ project requirements, while not being met, are still inordinately high. For example, 829 member projects were funded last year, compared to 675 this year. According to the report, the state provided an additional $ 60 million for projects this year.

The increase in project spending is due to Florida being “surprisingly flush,” the report said. Despite the economic blockades and the deficit in state revenue, Florida was able to pass a record budget of 101.5 billion US dollars and at the same time keep the reserves at a record level – also thanks to 5.8 billion US dollars in federal funds.

“While all of this available money allowed for significant turkeys, it could have been worse,” the report said.

TaxWatch also shed its hat on lawmakers for carefully managing the federal dollar. Rather than trying to fund more local projects, TaxWatch praised lawmakers for targeting the one-off funding to key nationwide problems.

According to TaxWatch, US $ 3.5 billion in federal aid remains unallocated.

“This year in particular, Florida TaxWatch’s 2021 Budget Turkey Watch Report is designed to inform leaders and decision-makers who are working tirelessly to help all Floridians thrive in a post-pandemic society,” said the Florida President and CEO TaxWatch Dominic M. Calabro.

The “Budget Turkey” label identifies projects that the organization says either skipped the review process or received low priority items early. The 2021 Turkey List includes funds added in the conference, projects removed and then put back on the scatter list, park and beach projects, transportation projects, museum and cultural restoration projects, and more.

It also highlights items that were budgeted during conference committee meetings or that came from inadequate trust funds. Finally, superfluous resources or resources based on unapproved laws are also considered “turkeys”.

TaxWatch was founded in 1979 and published its first report on the budget of Turkey in 1983.

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