Middle East Crisis and the Rise of Anti-Semitism


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The people accuse Israel of genocide. Human rights lawyers are different.
Even human rights lawyers, who have deeply criticized Israeli politics and actions in Gaza and the West Bank, say that the concept of genocide does not apply.

The federation organizes a rally against anti-Semitism
Event on June 1st in front of the City County building in downtown

The Jewish Federation meets in solidarity with Israel
“The Pittsburgh Community wanted to be together and offer support”

Pittsburgh students in Israel are responding to the current crisis
Young adults offer perspective after days of terror

ADL: “Dangerous and sharp rise” in US anti-Semitism related to violence in the Gaza Strip
In the past few days there have been a number of attacks against Jews in Los Angeles and New York, as well as a surge in anti-Jewish activity on the internet and social media

Israel and Hamas agree to end the ceasefire after eleven days of bloodshed
The ceasefire is due to begin on Friday, May 21 at 2 a.m. in Israel

Israeli embassy in China beats state television broadcaster for “blatant anti-Semitism”
Among other things, the television host claimed that “Jews dominate the financial, media and Internet sectors in the United States.”

Rabbinical students sign a letter accusing Israel of apartheid
The letter, signed by some 90 future rabbis, called on American Jews to hold Israel accountable for alleged human rights violations.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict tears apart Chicago’s largest Facebook mothers group
An administrator of the website wrote, “Anyone who seems to justify the occupation, genocide and apartheid will be removed immediately.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters attack Jews in LA restaurant
Jeff Finkelstein, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation in Pittsburgh: “We stand by Israel. Violence based on a person’s religion is never justified. “

Israel opens Hamas tunnel, Gaza rocket fire decreases
The ceasefire efforts continue

Separate rallies for Israeli supporters and critics were held in Oakland on May 14th
Pittsburgh Jews, Palestinians divided by Forbes Ave., ideology.

Under mounting pressure from the US, Israel said it was considering a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip
US officials, including close allies of Israel, express concern over recent IDF raids and call on Jerusalem to end the fighting. Israeli officials reportedly agree.

IDF: Overnight bombing targeted Hamas’ network of tunnels under Gaza City
According to the military, 160 planes dropped 450 missiles on 150 operational targets when ground forces attacked terrorists trying to attack them in Israel.

Soldier viciously beaten in Jaffa, synagogue in Lod burned down as riots renewed
Numerous reports of shootings and other acts of violence in Jewish Arab cities across the country; Gantz extends the emergency order in Lod, the epicenter of the recent riots.

The community comes out to support Israel’s Operation Guardian of the Walls
When Hamas terrorists fired rockets at Israel, about 200 Jewish Pittsburghers gathered in Squirrel Hill to show support for the Jewish state.

Gaza rocket volleys aimed south at dawn as the IDF reached key Hamas positions
Military bombs Hamas treasury, homeland security headquarters, naval commandos and bunkers under a school; 8 Israelis injured when rockets fire in Petah Tikva.

Israeli flags burned in front of two German synagogues
Incidents related to the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Massive forces sent to Lod when Netanyahu vowed to restore order with an ‘iron fist’
Synagogues in great Arab riots, which the mayor of the city described as “Kristallnacht” and “civil war”; 3 Jewish suspects were arrested on Monday for fatal shooting at an Arab man.

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip fire on Jerusalem in southern Israel, arousing fear of war
Israeli man injured when missile hits car near Sderot; IDF retaliates, kills at least 11 Hamas members who fire rockets; Palestinians say a total of 20 people were killed, including 9 minors.

“Major attack” in Israel foiled when 3 armed men were shot dead in a gun battle near the military base
Security officials said attackers opened fire after being stopped by border guards doing routine inspections on a bus carrying illegal Palestinian workers.

Published in the Chronicle: Analysis and Opinion Contributions

Hope for peace
“The entire Torah,” wrote Maimonides, “was given to make peace in the world.”

Future rabbis are partly right, mostly wrong in Israel
The letter of love for Zion contains hardly any reference.

A minute and a half
When the sirens sound in Israel, this young mother has 90 seconds to act: “I didn’t grow up wearing gas masks and air raid shelters like my husband did. It’s his normal, not mine. “

My fellow Americans, your silence is deafening
Allegedly “awakened” progressives jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon.

Social media has distorted my Israeli heritage
Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries before World War II when Instagram didn’t exist.

Hamas’ eternal war on Israel has broken down, and it’s not Iron Dome
Why Hamas is promising another war soon, and another and another. And why it doesn’t work.

Jewish Americans also deserve protection from hate crimes
“In passing the [COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act]Members of both parties in the House and Senate have shown that they can do the right thing at least every now and then. “

Not a normal Israeli Friday
Violence in the Jewish State: A View from the Ground.

Rethink the conflict
When the idea of ​​a two-state solution is dead, Jett writes: “The Israelis have a simple, binary choice. You can live in a democratic nation or a Jewish nation, but it cannot be both. “

The war of the Islamic Republic against Israel
Hamas is a weapon and the Palestinians are farmers.

A common society in conflict
It will be very difficult to repair the damage done to a once prosperous community in the region.

Israel in need
When individuals and communities live in darkness, it is difficult for them to imagine the light and have a sense of a larger community.

I can’t just put my anger aside until things are calm
I’m angry because we can do better.

Israel and Gaza: Moral Clarity, Moral Fog
Hamas sees mosques as places for stockpiling weapons. Israel sees places of worship, including mosques, only as places of prayer.

Resounding bipartisan support for Israel
We are encouraged by the strong, bipartisan voice in Deutch-McCaul’s letter.

Anatomy of an intentional escalation: Israel is approaching the hot summer
The months ahead will be tense and potentially very violent for Israel. The conflict is in line with the interests of the various Palestinian factions as well as Turkey and Iran.

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