Egypt sends construction equipment to rebuild Gaza


Egypt has sent a convoy of engineers and construction equipment to Gaza to begin reconstruction in the Palestinian enclave after the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Egyptian state television reported on Friday.

Dozens of bulldozers, cranes and trucks with Egyptian flags lined up along the border to begin the transition into the Gaza Strip, TV images showed.

Palestinians lined the road on the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing to greet the convoy as it crashed into the small coastal enclave. A Palestinian border official said 50 vehicles had been crossed.

“We hurried with all of our money, equipment and possessions to join the Palestinians in rebuilding. Every Muslim and every Egyptian wants to take part.” [the reconstruction]“, The Egyptian truck driver Mahmoud Ismail told Reuters in Gaza.

On May 10, an eleven-day conflict broke out between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian-Islamist rulers of Gaza. More than 250 Palestinians were killed in hundreds of Israeli air strikes in Gaza. Rockets from Gaza fighters killed 13 people in Israel.

Egypt played an important role in brokering a ceasefire between the two sides and has announced that it will allocate US $ 500 million to rebuild the devastated areas in Gaza. Continue reading

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem reiterated the group’s appreciation for Egyptian contributions to the reconstruction efforts on Friday.

The Gaza Housing Ministry said 1,500 housing units were destroyed during the fighting, another 1,500 housing units were irreparably damaged and 17,000 suffered partial damage. A ministry official put the cost of rebuilding at $ 150 million.

Egypt opened the Rafah crossing until further notice in February after Palestinian factions approached reconciliation following talks in Cairo.

Previously, she had only opened the crossing for a few days to allow stranded travelers to pass. The 365 square kilometers Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, is home to around 2 million Palestinians. A blockade led by Israel has been restricting the movement of people and goods for years.

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