The Turkey season is coming to an end


BIG RAPIDS – The Turkey season is over and the success stories seem to have been mixed.

“On a personal level, I was trying to get a tom for one of my children,” said DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing. “We tried to call a gobbler. They had come from a distance, but not very close. The weather was good. I haven’t had any reports of many people hunting. It got warm after that brutal spring.

“The season has been decent for opportunities. The hunt was probably above average all season. Hunters can go to our website and comment on the hunt’s progress. “

More people are hunting in season three, which covers May, noted Kailing.

“Year after year, the earlier season (in April) offers better opportunities. The birds are less affected. Turkeys become visible during the season but are more experienced in avoiding bait and hunters calling. Birds that have been hunted on public land are pretty (cautious) until the end of May.

The hunt remains basically quiet from now until the opening of different seasons in September.

Bear complaints continue, but Kailing didn’t notice many.

“Right now there are enough items that you can get naturally without relying on birdhouses,” he said. “If people don’t want bears, they should take all their groceries with them. People are getting used to bears all the time. When you see one for the first time, you want to tell the world about it because it’s so unusual.

“But they can be a nuisance. As long as you don’t feed them, they’ll go back to the wild. “

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