End of the road: Lebanon group is looking for more projects | Local


Work continues on the Old Mill Trail between Gill’s Landing and Riverview Park. Build Lebanon Trails is working to identify its next project.

Les Gehrett, Mid-Valley Media

Construction of the Old Mill Trail in Lebanon is underway.

When completed, this 4,100 foot stretch of walkway will connect the existing walkway system between Gill’s Landing and Riverview Park.

The paved path will be a jewel in Lebanon’s path system, which includes a 3.1 meter wide paved path with lighting, benches, viewing areas and interpretive signage.

Rod Sell, one of the longtime directors of Build Lebanon Trails, is very excited about the Old Mill Trail and is proud that the organization raised nearly $ 1 million in private funding to make the project possible.

But he’s frustrated because there are no more trail projects ready to go. Build Lebanon Trails is planning an extensive, networked trail system and has set itself the goal of completing at least one section per year. There are currently no projects ready to start in 2022.

“At the moment we have no space to build a path. We have no rights of way or easements that enable us to build ways. We need to have two shovel-ready trail projects on the shelf ready to go, ”Sell said.

Sell ​​asked the City of Lebanon to continue their efforts to help BLT secure the easements required for road construction. In particular, he hopes the city can find a way to expedite talks with the city of Albany about easements needed to link the pathways between River Park and Had Irvine Park, and also Had Irvine Park with Dr . Join Thad Nelson Trail.


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