US-Iran nuclear deal stuck in a “suspicion-and-review situation,” says the former CIA chief


Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman voiced his concern over the ongoing US-Iran nuclear talks in Sunday Morning Futures, warning that diplomacy may never be achieved with President Biden’s current dominance.

DAN HOFFMAN: I think we want to stop the Iranian nuclear program and if Iran were ready to agree to a better deal without these sunset clauses with inspections. But that is a very difficult thing. And remember, Iran hid elements of its nuclear program, some of which Israel exposed, which we learned in 2009 that Iran had an enrichment facility at Fordow that they never explained. So we are in a situation of mistrust and verification of Iran. And remember that two of the countries currently negotiating this new agreement on our behalf are China and Russia – two countries that really do not serve our best interests.

I think we will see these curmudgeon attacks over and over again until we take a certain dominant position in this relationship with Iran. And that must happen at the same time as all diplomatic negotiations. If we are not strong against Iran, there is no opportunity for diplomacy.



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