Three restaurants planned with expansion of Turkey Hill supermarket near Interstate 78


An IHOP restaurant and two unnamed fast-food restaurants are part of a sketch plan submitted for an expanded Turkey Hill convenience store and rest stop on Interstate 78 in Williams Township.

Sketch plans show an 8,100-square-foot building with a Turkey Hill convenience store, more than twice the size of the current 3,200-square-foot store. Inside there are two nameless fast food restaurants as the plans show.

A separate, 3,160-square-foot IHOP restaurant can also be seen in the plans, which show 16 gas pumps and 12 parking spaces that would be long enough for tractor units.

The plan revises a plan submitted in 2019 that included 30 spaces for semi-trailers, two fast food restaurants and a car wash.

TH Minit Markets LLC has applied to the Williams Township Zoning Hearing Board for a zone exemption that would allow a larger convenience store than the township normally allows. Turkey Hill also requires less parking than is normally required.

The applications were on the plan approval agenda in June, but the meeting did not take place. The next development meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 28th, at 7 p.m. in the parish hall.

The store is located at 55 Morgan Hill Road, next to the freeway, as per the zone relief request. The application indicates that Turkey Hill would purchase 155 Morgan Hill Road, which includes a single family home, to make room for development. 15 Morgan Hill Road would also be part of the development.

The request for parking facilities should have 26 fewer spaces than normally required. The plan provides for a total of 166 parking spaces.

The new plan cancels a roundabout that was part of the 2019 plan to bring traffic to the Morgan Hill Road development.

The country is divided into zones for road traffic.

Sketch plans for an expanded Turkey Hill Minit Market submitted to Williams Township in 2021.Courtesy Williams Township

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