Italy and Turkey will accept Japan’s vaccination records from next week


Five countries, including Italy and Turkey, have agreed to relax COVID-19 quarantine rules for travelers with Japan-issued vaccine passports starting next week, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

The other countries are Austria, Bulgaria and Poland, with Japan currently in negotiations with dozens more. The deal is one-way, with Japan not recognizing similar certificates from these countries for the time being, a government official said at a press conference.

The vaccination passports, for which the municipalities will receive applications from Monday, will initially only be available in paper form and contain information such as the name of the holder, the passport number, the type of vaccine and the date of the vaccination.

A digital version with a QR code containing the data could be available at a later date, the official said.

In addition to the countries that recognize the vaccination certificate, South Korea will accept the certificate as one of the documents required to apply for an exemption from a 14-day quarantine.

Estonia has also agreed to accept the vaccination pass but does not currently write down a quarantine period to travelers, regardless of whether they received their vaccination or not.


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