Exclusive: US supports Taliban and is designing land in the region, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells World News


In one explosive statement, the former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the US is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan and is planning new land in the region with the insurgent group.

“It definitely is,” he said WION editor-in-chief Palki Sharma in an interview when asked whether the Americans support the Taliban. “In fact, the Taliban are part of the American conspiracy.”

“I think the Americans have practically never left the region. And they actually have new plots of land that are being planned and they support the Taliban. “

In the near future, he said, the Taliban will be on the slogan “Great Khorasan“And bring war and conflict to the entire region.

Part of the interview will air on Tuesday at 3:30 GMT.

Great Khorasan refers to the region that the present-day territories of northeastern Iran, Parts of Afghanistan and southern parts of Central Asia.

“If the US and others do not support the Taliban by providing weapons and logistics, financial and other support, the Taliban could protect the security of Afghanistan“Said Ahmedinejad.

“If Americans and others go away and stay outside, problems will be solved faster.”

The current security situation in the war-torn country is “to the detriment of both Afghan and regional nations,” he said.

Anyone willing to help should do so to ensure that the will of the Afghan nation is implemented, said the former mayor of Tehran. “This will happen when the real representatives of the Afghan nation make the decisions.”

“Agreement between groups does not bring peace. What brings about peace, tranquility and security is the implementation of the public will of the Afghan nation and its neighboring countries. “

Foreign powers should not interfere in the affairs of Afghanistan, but rather help to enforce the will of the Afghan people.

None of the neighbors of Afghanistan – Iran, Pakistan, India, China – or countries on the Persian Gulf, NATO and Russia – should meddle in the affairs of the country, he added.

Asked if talks with Taliban, and legitimizing the insurgent group is a good idea, he said: “The Afghan people should elect their representatives. And none of these groups is the representative of the Afghan people. “

This is only possible in a free choice. When a group steals weapons, attacks and occupies parts, they cannot consider themselves representative of the nation and have no right to rights, he said.

“If we accept this logic, we accept that the whole world would always be unstable and whoever was more violent would dominate. Then rights and laws would be meaningless. “


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