Markwayne Mullin MP, who traveled to the Middle East to rescue US citizens: Biden “has blood on his hands”; lies


House Intelligence Committee member Markwayne Mullin alleged that President Biden had “blood on his hands” and told Fox News that the White House and Pentagon are lying about the conditions American citizens are facing in Afghanistan and the alleged ones The Americans had to reach Kabul airport while the US forces were still there.

Mullin recently returned from a semi-secret trip to the Middle East to bring home Americans stranded after Biden’s withdrawal process in Afghanistan. Lawmakers told Special Report host Bret Baier that the State Department is not being honest with the American people and that he spoke to them on the phone for almost a dozen hours while trying unsuccessfully to land in Afghanistan.

“I want to make it very clear. I didn’t want to try to get to Afghanistan…. [P]People called me and wanted help. And we had friends of mine who were on duty and said, “Can you help our interpreter get out?” – about which we have had many conversations. Then we got calls from people who had family members or friends who were American citizens, “he said.

Mullin first tried – in his capacity as a member of the House of Representatives – to sponsor a flight to the United States to get 20 Americans out of the Taliban-controlled country after several federal agencies rejected the group.

“Everyone has denied them over and over and then asked if you would go with us? And these are Tier 1 employees. These are DELTA people, special forces. These people are real. I’m nobody. I’m just a congressman.” , he said .

He then left the United States and finally circled for hours around Hamid Karzai International Airport because his landing requests were repeatedly denied.


“Every time they canceled, the agency that wanted to bring us in gave us a new one. They actually went into the tower to say to land. We talked to them on the phone and texted them. We couldn’t speak. We wrote back and forth and they kept issuing us a new one. And they would never let us into Afghanistan, “he said, adding that he suspects the delay led to the disappearance or death of one of the American citizens he sought help in the rescue:

“Unfortunately one of our American citizens and her 2 year old son and I think it was her father I had passports with – we lost contact because they were at Abbey Gate and a few hours later Abbey Gate exploded. We had No contact with them since then. I think it’s because they were involved in it. So what they did by doing politics for some reason – I don’t know who shut us down, but I think it is was 100% directed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “

Mullin continued to deny reports he and his group had decided to go to neighboring Tajikistan – but confirmed that working with the top US diplomat in Dushanbe was similarly difficult.

“In Tajikistan, unfortunately, the ambassador was not helpful at all. And there was a lot of misinformation about that, ”he said of Ambassador John Mark Pommersheim.

Mullin said Pommersheim told him it was a “sensitive” time and that Vladimir Putin and the Xi government in China would come to Tajikistan in September.

“I said I understand it’s very sensitive. I don’t need your wealth. First and foremost, I pointed out to you that we would be receiving large sums of cash, “recalled Mullin.

He said he was then questioned about the cash he had with him – and recalled in disbelief that his team had to pass 16 Taliban checkpoints to get from there to Kabul – at which the militants a “tax.” “Up to $ 4,000.

“And [Pommersheim] says i can’t help you I can not help you. Why? I was told not to – you were told not to help an American citizen? You were told by the federal government in Washington, DC not to help unless we try to smuggle someone. “

He remembered telling Pommersheim that “we are trying to do a job that President Biden would not do”.

After the roadblock from the Tajik embassy, ​​Mullin said he has begun to realize how much Biden and his top military officers including Gens are. Mark Milley and Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie Jr. allegedly “lied to the American people”.

“[They were] to say that anyone who wanted out could come out, that’s a lie – that’s a bold lie because we worked with these people, “he said.

Mullin said he had a record proving that Biden lied about the supposedly systematic possibility for citizens and visa holders to enter the then US-controlled Kabul Airport last month.

A mother contacted the Foreign Ministry for help passing through the Taliban checkpoints in Kabul.

“We took this one young lady and her four children, of whom I have recordings, walking through because I had been on the phone with the State Department for 12 hours trying to get someone from the State Department out of the [airport] Gate to pick them up for 12 hours – I recorded it, “he said.

“Tell them that they are waiting for us. Give them your name. You know you are coming. The woman drove home one last time and became physically ill and never tried to get to the airport again.

“Here we are the United States government and we are negotiating with the Taliban to get American citizens out and then the President of the United States is going to go to the microphone and say that every American who wanted out got out? I have a list “of 50 who want out that they didn’t get out. I have a list of 50 that we left Kabul and placed in safe houses in Afghanistan that I promise you wanted out, “he said.

Mullin predicted that with US-sponsored evacuation attempts like his, the Taliban will eventually lose patience and allow them to pass through checkpoints across the country while paying the “tax”.


“And when I say there is blood on his hands, does that mean President Biden’s hands? I mean about everything in my heart, ”he said.

“It is his fault. I wouldn’t have been over there – I wouldn’t even have thought of leaving if he hadn’t failed. I would not have put my life in danger, children and my wife, that I would not have bothered anyone with it. “

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