Villages in Lebanon protest on the 3rd day without electricity


The Lebanese village of Hadchit in the mountains of Bcharri went through 3 days without electricity due to the theft of power cables for 3 kilometers in the city of Houqa.

The residents of the village have called on the government and those responsible to repair the damage. Several other surrounding villages are also affected.

In Baalbek, too, Ousayra Street has been without electricity for 3 days. The lack of electricity has also cut off the water supply to residents.

In the city of Hermel, a group of people blocked the road at the Assi Bridge in protest against the shortage of electricity and the deteriorating living conditions.


Meanwhile, the Electricité du Liban is fighting for the electricity supply. The Deir Ammar power plant has ceased operations due to a lack of diesel.

This makes it the second power plant that has ceased operations following the shutdown of the Zouk power plant due to the same problem.

The Zahrani power plant is still functional, but is also slowly losing its diesel reserves and endangering the power grid in Lebanon.

Both the Zahrani and Deir Ammar power plants were operating at maximum power to compensate for the losses caused by the shutdown of the Zouk power plant.

Despite the many fuel deliveries Lebanon received last month, as well as the Iranian fuel brought in by Hezbollah, the problem of blackouts is far from resolved.

Electricity is hardly provided, in some areas there is hardly any electricity. Private generators use rationing because of the fuel shortage.

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