Heavner’s record shot underscores Denison’s win over the Lebanon Trail


It was a throw to the right, a receiver screen that shot 13 yards and first down after Ty Kirkbride missed two defenders.

It wasn’t Caleb Heavner’s toughest hit of the evening. It wasn’t his prettiest either. But it was an accomplishment that, when combined with the more than 300 plus prior to that, gave the senior quarterback sole ownership at the top of the Denison-Passing Charts.

Heavner hit the mark from the start, completing 13 of 17 passes for a career high 217 yards and two touchdowns, and also running for a score when Denison defeated Frisco Lebanon Trail, 48-24, in District 7-5A (II). Action at Munson Stadium.

“His best night throwing a ball. Solid, good footwork, making the right decisions, ”said Denison head coach Brent Whitson. “I’m happy for Caleb. I hope it’s far from over, but he had a great career. “

His third last throw, in the middle of the fourth quarter, left him above Jordan Taylor’s school grade of 3,729 yards from 2007-09. Heavner already held the finishing record and is six touchdowns away from Taylor’s record of 40.

“That’s definitely one of the coolest things. I put a lot of work into it, ”said Heavner. “The best part was that there was a win; that’s the most important. Without all the great people around me, I couldn’t have done this. These are just our recipients who are locked up and they are always ready and they stay ready. “

Heavner’s final throw was a 15-yard touchdown pass to Trey Rhodes in the right side of the end zone to crown Denison’s goal.

Jadarian Price finished with 11 carries for 94 yards and three touchdowns – including the 50-79 yard for Denison (6-2, 4-2), who secured a playoff spot and won the runner-up Frisco Liberty on Friday may have the third seed.

“I thought we got off to a great start,” said Whitson. “You have prepared well. They completely ignored who we were playing against and focused on doing the right things. Everyone played a few meaningful snapshots, which is what we wanted. “

Kaleb Broadway had five carries for 70 yards and two touchdowns, while Zackary Garringer added a TD run and Trevor Sutherland scored a field goal for the Lebanon Trail (1-7, 0-6) that closed in the second half after closing the DHS defense came alive – the Trail Blazers fell almost entirely in the first two quarters.

“I felt like the first quarter was the best defense we’ve played all year in terms of dominance,” said Whitson. “Yeah, we were the better team and played like that before the game was decided.”

The Jackets only played one game in the third quarter, and it was an 18-yard touchdown run by Price after a three-yard punt. The Lebanon Trail opened the second half with a nearly six-minute drive that won more yards – 75 – than the first half, and Broadway scored a goal from three meters away.

Aleman took the brief kick on a ricochet at 30, headed upstairs, and broke left with a convoy of four BCDs escorting him into the end zone for a 34-10 lead.

A punt ended the Blazers’ subsequent drive and Price scored a goal in Scrimmage’s first game and his penultimate carry.

Lebanon Trail then held the ball for another six minutes, and Garringer scored after an eight-yard run with 10:38 points remaining.

Heavner went 4 for 5 on the following trip and ended up on the TD to Rhodes.

The Blazers finished scoring on a 28-yard TD run on Broadway with 1:04 left.

Denison built a 27-3 halftime lead by hitting four of his first five ball possessions and only needed 21 games.

The final touchdown came in the first play after a 21-yard punt return from Josh Kurtenbach and the penalty shootout from Denison just outside the red zone.

DeHorney ran in the second quarter under Heavner’s pass on the left side of the end zone with 8:47 minutes to 27: 0.

“He threw a nice ball to Dylan,” said Whitson. “He throws the horizontal stuff really well and opens things vertically.”

At this point the jackets had a meter advantage of 211 to minus one.

It had only taken Denison two games to score on his previous possession – Rhodes, who had three catches for 73 yards, started off with a 49-yard receiver screen and face mask penalty that placed the ball on Lebanon Trail 8. Heavner made a great fake on a goalkeeper on the right for a TD run where almost everyone has the ball when Price has the ball.

The Jackets opened the game with a seven-game, 46-yard TD drive, and Price finished one yard at 9:48 on the clock.

Exactly three minutes later, Price finished a three-game drive with a 34-yard touchdown run in the middle.

Between the four TD drives, the Jackets had possession of the ball, with Price recalling two touchdown runs and Logan Voight missing a 35-yard field goal attempt.

The only points on the Lebanon Trail in the first half came in the last three minutes of the second quarter. The Blazers started at Denison 36 after the jackets stabbed out of their end zone, but had to be content with Sutherland’s 35-yard field goal 26 seconds before the end.

The Blazers went three and three on their first four ball possession before finally taking a first down at 7:45 to go at halftime. This drive reached Denison 24 before the Kenyan Kelly intercepted a deep throw over the middle.

Both teams played 27 games in the first half and Denison won 231 yards while Lebanon Trail was 58 yards, including 15 carries for 18 yards.


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