Kognitiv Corporation announces Maurizio Bisicky as Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa


Executive brings global leadership skills to drive regional growth plans

TORONTO, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Kognitiv Corporation, a global leader in the fast-growing collaborative commerce market, announces the appointment of Maurizio Bisicky as Managing Director EMEA, effective immediately.

Maurizio Bisicky Managing Director, EMEA

Bisicky joins the Canadian B2B technology company after a progressive career in leadership roles in real estate, consumer services and hospitality worldwide. Mr Bisicky has been in markets as diverse as Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK, Thailand, and mainland China. In his last role, Mr Bisicky was Chief Operating Officer of the Anantara Vacation Club (part of Minor International MINT: Bangkok), where he is responsible for customer and sales growth as well as the development of the China market on behalf of the organization.

President and Chief Executive Officer Shawn Pearson said, “Kognitiv’s collaborative trading model enables organizations to work seamlessly, peer-to-peer, to gain deeper insights into their most valuable customers and deliver more compelling programs that drive business outcomes for all parties. This can mean new partnerships with closing new colleagues or getting more efficient returns and greater reach from existing partnerships. For companies looking for a data-driven, more transparent dialog with their key consumers, this ability is critical. This business need is not limited to a sector or bound by a geographic region.As an international organization, Kognitiv is able to provide collaborative commerce to customers and partners worldwide North America, it is critical that we have leaders who understand the unique challenges of today’s C-suite. Maurizio is one of those leaders. As an experienced operator and data-savvy marketer, he is also very familiar with the capabilities of Kognitiv as he was instrumental in providing our collaborative trading platform at Anantara Vacation Club during his time as Chief Operating Officer. We’re excited to have one of the first champions of collaborative trade with us as an MD in EMEA. Maurizio will be a catalyst for our growth in this region and beyond. “

“I was fortunate to have seen firsthand how Kognitiv’s collaborative trading model opens up new opportunities, new audiences and new partnerships for growth-oriented companies,” said Mr Bisicky. “Companies around the world are looking for partners and solutions to help them understand changing consumer needs and the onslaught of privacy and data tracking changes. In short, they want to regain control of their most important customer relationships and their reliance on ad-supported models. In view of these changes, managers, especially in marketing and loyalty functions, need new approaches and new solutions. Kognitiv’s collaborative commerce platform and model are well suited to meet your needs. With our focus on hyper-personalization, zero-party data and the development of new peer-to-peer partnerships, Kognitiv offers a solution that is positioned for today’s business environment. As an early adopter of collaborative commerce in my previous role, I am excited to add this experience to Kognitiv’s EMEA expansion. “

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Kognitiv Corporation is a B2B technology company enabling collaborative commerce for its global clients in industries such as retail, financial services, media, telecommunications, hospitality, transportation, and entertainment. Focusing on the future of loyalty and decentralization in Web3.0, Cognitiv enables its customers to leverage its platform to improve collaboration with their most valuable partners and reduce reliance on intermediaries, creating significant value for their consumers and control over their data and experiences is increased. With the advent of the subscription economy and the focus on direct-to-consumer models and hyper-personalization, customers can benefit from planning, scaling and executing their partnerships more efficiently, creating value for their customers and driving growth. Kognitiv is headquartered in Canada and employs over 450 people in 50 countries. One of Kognitiv’s largest investors is Aimia Inc., a publicly traded holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: AIM). Learn more at www.kognitiv.com.

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