AMCD warns Biden government not to rejoin Iran deal


Prime Minister Johnson, President Macron, Chancellor Merkel and President Biden

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2021 / – After Iran’s massive drone attack on a US base in Syria, the recent US-Iran sea confrontation in the Gulf of Oman, and despite the fact that China signed a separate agreement to import Iranian oil, which was announced in the Essentially negated Against Western sanctions, the Biden administration continues to plan to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and to renew negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program. Iran is signaling its readiness to resume talks, as are England, France, the European Union and Russia. the American Middle East Coalition for Democracy urges the Biden government to exercise caution and be extremely skeptical of Iran’s ultimate intentions.

“Iran will most likely just drag out talks to buy time while it pushes its nuclear program at full steam,” said AMCD co-chair Tom Harb. “China has already bypassed the talks by throwing a lifeline to Iran with a 25-year multi-billion dollar deal; As a result, Iran has very little incentive to negotiate honestly. In addition, a nuclear deal with a sunset clause will give the mullah regime an incentive to continue to terrorize the Middle East in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen and will jeopardize the Abraham Accord. Indeed, any deal that does not restrict Iran’s ballistic missile program and require Iran to separate from its militias across the Middle East will bring even more death and destruction to the region. The Arab nations will compete for their own nuclear programs to protect themselves. “

“The Biden government is grappling with a leadership crisis at home and abroad,” added AMCD co-chairman Hossein Khorram. “The current video from the Gulf of Oman showing the seizure of oil tankers from the Islamic Republic of Iran while the Revolutionary Guards aimed weapons at a US destroyer shows the weakness of the US. It appears that the same leadership crisis that caused the 444 day seizure of the U.S. embassy in 1979 was inherited by the Biden administration from the Jimmy Carter administration. Both Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden should know that the President of the United States should lead this nation, not just the government! “

President Ebrahim Raisi said Thursday, a day after all sides announced the resumption of nuclear talks between Tehran and the great powers on November 29, that Iran would “in no way” give in in defending its interests.

“It seems that our enemies have sensed the White House’s lack of resolve and are pressing the United States into submission,” said AMCD co-chair John Hajjar. “The United States should not expect a positive outcome from renewed nuclear negotiations while it has essentially surrendered to the Islamic Republic of Iran by asking it to revert to the deal.”

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