Lyre’s enters the lucrative non-alcoholic liquor market in the Middle East


Lyre’s, one of the leading brands of non-alcoholic spirits, has announced entry into the world’s most strictly regulated beverage market.

The brand will launch in eight Middle Eastern countries from December, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan.

This launch marks a significant expansion for the company, as Lyre’s co-founder and CEO Mark Livings said: “The addition of eight new markets expands the brand’s global footprint in just over two years since its launch in 60 countries.”

In a press release, Lyre said it expects the Middle East region to add over 100,000 boxes of sales and £ 15 million (A $ 27.6 million) of gross merchandise value to the company in its first year.

And Livings believes the potential reward is even greater: “We see the total potential addressable market for our products in these regions at over $ 150 million by 2025, which will lead to growth for our business, our distributors and the hospitality and hospitality sectors Retail operator contributes. “

“What Lyre’s has achieved is very strategic, removing the barriers for entire markets that thirst for premium beverages – which already include the non-alcoholic beer category – and that have a strong propensity to spend off-site revenue on luxury hospitality experiences. “

Lyre’s partners with Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI), a subsidiary of the Emirates Group and a leading beverage retailer in the Middle East, to deliver its products locally in the region.

Tony Dodds, Head of Principal Relations and Category Management at MMI, commented: “We share the vision of developing the non-alcoholic spirits industry in our key areas and look forward to a strong and long-term partnership with Lyre’s.”

Livings highlighted the key role Lyre’s research and development team played in entering this market: “The non-alcoholic spirits industry is in the Middle East because of the challenges of achieving true zero alcohol , relatively in the making.

While products in the UK can be labeled “non-alcoholic” if they contain less than 0.05 percent alcohol, in the Middle East there may be no alcohol at all.

Livings continued, “It is a remarkable achievement for the Lyre R&D and innovation team to have developed 14 of our multi-award winning non-alcoholic spirits in a format indistinguishable from their originals for the region. This has enabled Lyre’s to offer the first compliant and tasteless range in these highly regulated markets. “

Founded in 2019, Lyre’s now has an assortment of 14 non-alcoholic spirits that the company claims can reproduce non-alcoholic versions of 90 percent of the world’s best-selling cocktails. Lyre’s has a dedicated production team in Australia.


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