Carabao ice cream, new keto-friendly options in Choithrams, healthier vending machine requests, and more in our roundup


Carabao Ice Cream: Filipino brand Arce Dairy is expanding sales in Saudi Arabia after launching in United Arab Emirates

Filipino Carabao ice cream brand Arce Dairy made its Middle East debut with a recent launch in the UAE and is now planning to enter Saudi Arabia and other GCC markets next year.

The brand was introduced by SandBox, Arce Dairy’s exclusive distributor in the GCC region, and debuted initially in the United Arab Emirates in the Philippine pavilion at Expo 2020 before subsequently being shown in supermarkets and grocery stores in the Emirates such as Westzone, Choitrams, Al. Maya, New Era and Metro Manila Supermarkets were sold.

SandBox is now partnering with Filipino restaurants in the United Arab Emirates to expand distribution of Arce Dairy’s traditional flavors.

Arce Dairy’s ice cream is made from fresh Carabao milk. Carabao is a water buffalo native to the Philippines. Compared to cow’s milk, Carabaos milk is said to have higher protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus content, while it contains less cholesterol. Carabao milk also gives the ice cream a creamier mouthfeel.

Keto-friendly: The healthy food brand Thrriv from the United Arab Emirates is expanding into retail with Choithrams listing

The newly formed Thrriv healthy food brand has secured retail listings in 17 Choithrams stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The United Arab Emirates-based company started selling keto-friendly bread, jams and ice cream for diabetics online, in its e-commerce store, as well as at Noon Daily, Kibsons and Shop Kitopi.

Led by the founder and CEO, said Radhika Sil FoodNavigator Asia: “When we founded Thrriv, it was important to us to connect with our customers who can provide feedback on our products.

“We started out on our own e-commerce platform for a few months before expanding to other e-commerce platforms. The business grew quickly, shortly afterwards we joined HORECA and supplied hotels and restaurants. We had planned to start retailing in the fourth quarter of 2021, so we started at Choithrams earlier than expected in September. “

“Expensive and Low in Nutrition”: A survey in the United Arab Emirates found that 80% of people want healthier options in vending machines

New data from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) shows that 81% of people want healthier food and beverage options in vending machines.

According to this online survey, which was distributed to 1,250 students and staff at the University of Sharjah, UAE, water, chocolate and chips were reported as the most purchased items right now. Traditional vending machines sell snacks, confectionery, and soft drinks, which are mostly high-energy and low-nutrient foods.

With limited data in the UAE currently on the frequency of vending machine food consumption at universities and attitudes and behaviors regarding sales options, researchers from the UAE and Australia have an online questionnaire on current food choices and attitudes Consumers at vending machines in United Arab Emirates.

The results can be used to educate stakeholders on current sales behavior and to plan tailored interventions to improve the nutritional quality of the items sold and encourage healthier food choices“Published researchers in Food.

Food chain problems: Lack of reliable data and understanding on bacterial contamination in Arab countries

Evidence from a review paper has shown that the extent of foodborne infections is poorly understood in Arab countries.

The study showed how Salmonella, CampylobacterAnd L. monocytogenesHave been found frequently in various types of food in the Middle East, however the risk factors for these pathogens have not been well studied and the incidence of infections in humans has not been well documented.

Researchers wrote: “(There is) a different trend in Salmonella detection rates in different Arab countries, which could be due to the variability of the laboratory methods used and the variability of the types of food samples (animal versus vegetable) and their origin (local versus imported).”

The Tate & Lyle Innovation Center in Dubai will fuel efforts to reduce sugar and calories in the region

The global ingredient specialist has opened a US $ 2 million technical application center in Dubai to help local bakery, dairy, beverage, sauce and dressing manufacturers develop formulations that meet growing consumer demand in the region satisfy.

Tate & Lyle’s food scientists will work hand in hand with customers to study ingredients and recipes that will help lower the sugar, fat and calorie content in their products. They can also help add benefits like fiber and nutrients without compromising the sensory experience.

The center also has advanced equipment and an optimized prototyping process designed to reduce and accelerate time to market.

“The start of our new Technical Application Center in Dubai is a milestone in our expansion in the region.”Said Dominique Floch, GM, Turkey, Middle East and Africa at Tate & Lyle.


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