Lebanese school police receive reports of threats | news


The Lebanese School Police Department (LSPD) is investigating two allegations of threats against a student. It is unclear whether the threats came from the same student.

The first incident was called 911 at 8:37 p.m. The caller told a Lebanese police officer that a student was threatening her daughter and drawing pictures of weapons.

The second 911 call at 9:37 pm reported that the caller’s daughter was visiting Lebanon Middle School and told her mother about an incident in the canteen. The daughter’s friend said that another male student told her he was destroying the school and that she was on his “hit list”. When the girls told the teacher about the threat, the teacher reportedly told them to go to another table away from him.

In both cases, the police alerted school resources. Each time the SRO said the department was aware of the threats and was investigating them.

School communications director Jen Todderud said the LSPD could not substantiate the claims made in the calls.

“Regardless, we take this issue very seriously, so Doyle Dunshee (Principal) plans to communicate with the parents today,” she wrote in an email The Lebanon reporter.

Both reports follow a horrific shooting and murder of four college students in Oxford, Michigan. The media reported that the accused student made disturbing drawings of guns and injured people before the shooting.

LSPD has been an independent law enforcement agency for eight years. In one Lebanon reporter March 2018 article, Lebanon Community Schools have a standard lockout, lockout, evacuation, or shelter response in the event of an incident. If there was an active shooter situation, staff are trained to implement the ALICE protocol which is Alarm, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

LSPD chief Steve Smith said in 2018 that school staff and students know they have to say something when they see something.

LSPD currently employs nine civil servants, according to a staff list on the Lebanon Community School website.


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