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The Palestinian Hamas group says explosions that rocked a refugee camp in southern Lebanon were caused by an electrical short circuit in a storage area for oxygen bottles used to treat coronavirus patients. However, later on Saturday, a Lebanese security officer said the explosion in the camp was clearly ammunition and not oxygen bottles. The officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity according to the regulations, did not provide any information. The Lebanese national news agency reported that weapons for Hamas exploded in the Burj Shamali camp on Friday, killing and injuring several people. A security officer also said the explosions left victims but did not break down. Hamas issued a statement calling the explosions an “incident” on Saturday, adding that a fire in the refugee camp in the southern port city of Tire caused limited damage. In a later statement, the group said that one of its members, Hamza Chahine, was killed. It called on its supporters to attend his funeral on Sunday afternoon in a mosque in the camp. Hamas said the oxygen bottles and containers of detergents stored in the camp should be distributed around the camp as part of their relief work. “Hamas condemns the misleading media campaign and the spread of false news that accompanied the incident,” the militant group said in its statement. It added that reports of the cause of the explosion and the “deaths of dozen” were unfounded. Immediately after the explosions, Lebanese troops were stationed around the camp and temporarily prevented people from entering and leaving the camp. NNA said the prosecutor in southern Lebanon had asked security agencies and weapons experts to inspect Hamas’ weapons depot in the camp. Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees and their descendants live in Lebanon. Many live in the 12 refugee camps that are scattered across the small Mediterranean country. Australian Associated Press



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