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Lebanese parliament spokesman Nabih Berri said Wednesday his country was besieged amid a diplomatic crisis with the Gulf states Anadolu News Agency reported.

During a meeting with Lebanon’s chief editor-in-chief Joseph Qossaifi, Berri asked how Arab countries could open their doors to Israel while “closing their gates on Lebanon, which has paid a high price for its Arab identity.”

“Yes, Lebanon is facing a siege,” said Berri. “In order to find solutions, there has to be dialogue.”

Relations between Lebanon and the Gulf States have become tense after controversial statements made by former Information Minister George Kordahi on the Yemen conflict before he took office in the new Lebanese government.

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Angry at Kordahi’s remarks, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain called back their ambassadors from Lebanon.

To end the diplomatic dispute with the Gulf States, Kordahi resigned on December 3rd.

Lebanon tries to end the diplomatic crisis with the Gulf as the country suffers from a devastating economic crisis while fuel and medical supplies run short.


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