The number of suicides in Iraq will rise in 2021 – Middle East Monitor


The number of suicides in Iraq increased in 2021, with more than 700 people taking their own lives on Saturday, according to the Iraqi authorities. Anadolu reported.

Khaled Al-Muhanna, a spokesman for the Iraqi interior ministry, said 772 people committed suicide this year, up from 663 suicides in 2020.

According to the state news agency INA, around 36.6% of the suicide victims were under 20 years old.

“While men accounted for 55.9% of suicide cases in 2021, women accounted for 44.1%,” Al-Muhanna said.

The spokesman attributed the rise in suicides to psychological pressure, domestic violence, deteriorating economic conditions, and rising unemployment and poverty in the country.

He said the Iraqi authorities had adopted a package of measures to address the phenomenon, including the formation of specialized committees to investigate the causes of the suicides.

Unemployment and poverty in oil-rich Iraq have risen to 27% and 31.7%, respectively, according to the latest statistics from the Iraqi Ministry of Planning.

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic since early 2020 has put a heavy strain on Iraq’s oil-dependent economy after a significant drop in oil prices.

Iraq’s oil revenues cover about 95 percent of government spending.

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