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Aleida Núñez shows her charms while meditating from Turkey | Instagram

The interesting journey of Aleida Núñez continues, today the famous and flirtatious businesswoman is enjoying Turkey, take the opportunity to meditate a little show their charm.

With a pose that many of her followers would love to do to accompany her while she meditates a bit, the Mexico-born entertainment star decided to do a little meditation in Istanbul, Turkey for complete relaxation.

for Aleida Nunez This trip could mean peace, harmony, joy and serenity as we see in her latest Instagram posts since the beginning of her trip to the Middle East.

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The place the beautiful television and theater actress was found was Ayasofya Müzesi Trabson Museum, a seaside church that forms one of the many Byzantine ruins and has become a delight for tourists who enjoy the architecture and the location.

One of the first photos Aleida Núñez from Turkey shared | Instagram aleidanunez

I am grateful to Istanbul every day for every moment in my life and for the fact that the abundance in all the senses never stops in your life, ”said Aleida Núñez.

The picture he shared on his official Instagram 9 hours ago appears to be sitting on his knees, in a position like he’s doing more than just meditating and praying.

Aleida wears a completely black look, top and pants made of the same material, socks and a hat, this monochrome tone might accompany her through the day.

Although it appears to be a “in ruins” church, it looks quite neat and even the lamps that appear in Núñez ‘picture are lit, although it could also be meant to attract more tourists like her.

May it be this way forever, Aleida, thank you for existing in this time of my life to admire such beauty, ”commented one fan.

Probably, some of his followers did not know how to admire the beautiful spectacle of his photography with the beauty of the church or the beauty of the actress herself. Aleida NunezPerhaps they looked for his shape first, and later they admired the rest.

A day ago, the telenovela actress “Tomorrow is forever” shared a publication in which she had already arrived in Turkey for five hours and she showed us a little bit about the possible hotel she was staying in.

What is certain is that Aleida traveled with her son Alexander, but her stay with her mother has not yet been confirmed, as the actress only shared content where only she appears, maybe her son stayed with her father.


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