Israel in talks to establish links with the Maldives, Comoros – Middle East Monitor


The Muslim-majority islands of Comoros and Maldives could be next on the list of countries that will normalize relations with Israel. the times of Israel reported.

While talks are ongoing according to diplomatic sources, there is no evidence from diplomatic sources that an announcement was expected in the near future.

The Comoros are a predominantly Muslim island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the mainland countries Mozambique and Tanzania. It is the only Arab country that lies entirely in the southern hemisphere and is a member of the Arab League.

The United States has reportedly brought the two countries together for talks on diplomatic relations between the Arab League member and the occupying state of Israel, and talks have continued on a bilateral basis.

Neighboring islands, the Maldives, established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1965, but ended them in 1974.

In July 2018, the Maldives under President Abdulla Yameen ended the cooperation agreement with Israel.

In addition, in May 2011 the then foreign minister of the archipelago, Ahmed Naseem, became the first high-ranking official of the Maldives to visit Israel. However, full diplomatic relations did not develop from the renewed relations.

In 2020, the normalization agreements signed by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, followed by Sudan and Morocco, were denounced by Palestinians who claimed that the states had given up a unified position according to which the Arab countries would only make peace after a two-state solution would be bogged down for years.

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