Volunteers in Coventry are packing food packages for Lebanon


CHURCH volunteers in Coventry packed 20,500 food packages in one day to feed children and families in crisis in Lebanon.

Volunteers from Christian Life Ministries (CLM) Church in Coventry prepared the pack of staple foods such as soy, lentil and rice at the headquarters of the international charity Feed The Hungry as part of their hand-to-hand. Program (News, Oct. 29 ). They will provide meals for people in increasing need due to the refugee crisis in the Middle East, which will be exacerbated by the pandemic and the coming winter.

The project provides staple food for those in need and provides churches with an opportunity to build relationships with their congregations while teams work toward a common cause.

Co-Senior Pastor, CLM Church, Coventry, Esther Storey, said: “We are already working with a church in Lebanon that has provided tremendous support to thousands of Syrian refugees for several years. The recent economic crisis in the country has made the situation extremely difficult and has plunged many Lebanese nationals into crises and food poverty. The ability to work with Feed The Hungry to provide food for both Syrian refugees and our Lebanese friends has enabled us to make a difference in a very practical and easy way.

“It was great to be so hands-on and fun to do with others. The cohesion in what we did was something very special. “

Gwyn Williams, International Operations Director of Feed The Hungry, said, “Over the past year we have seen many people volunteer and help those in need locally.

“As a charity, we are very much aware of the devastating effects of Covid on communities around the world. We couldn’t support these communities without the army of local volunteers here in the UK who are willing to sacrifice their time to help pack meals to feed vulnerable children around the world.

“It is humbling to know that the CLM community and its local community can make a difference for a child with problem.”

To attend a hand-to-hand event, email fth.org.uk/handtohand or call 01455 618455.


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