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Former Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki confirmed that the French authorities refused to extradite him to Tunisia after a Tunisian court issued an international arrest warrant against him.

In response to constitutional law professor Rabeh Al-Kharaifi, who accused Marzouki of being a French citizen, the former president said: “How many times should I repeat that I have no citizenship other than Tunisian? same lie and different? “

“They are all students of Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister who taught them when he said: Lies and lies, the lies will certainly remain remnants.” Marzouki wrote on his Facebook page:

Marzouki had previously denied that the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) had issued an arrest warrant for the prison sentence imposed on him in Tunisia.

In December, the Tunisian Court of First Instance sentenced Marzouki in absentia to four years in prison for “attacking the external security of the state”.

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The same court issued an international arrest warrant for Marzouki months ago after he was accused by President Kais Saied of calling for foreign intervention in the country. His diplomatic passport, which he received when he took office in Tunisia in 2021, was also withdrawn.

In a previous statement at Arabi 21, Marzouki responded to the court ruling against him by the Tunisian judiciary that he did not care as it was issued by illegal parties.

“I have nothing to say but laughter and sarcasm, I have not received a subpoena, I have not appointed a lawyer to defend me, and I do not know any details about the progress of the proceedings other than what I heard from others today.” Guys, “said Marzouki.

The tighter president pointed out that this verdict was evidence of President Kais Saied’s control over the judicial authorities: “The course of this trial, with its allegations and verdict, shows that they are all politicized, which means that there is an attempt gives “putting Tunisia in a worse position than it was during the Ben Ali era against which the Tunisians rebelled.”


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