27 dogs rescued from home in West TN and transported to Lebanon for foster care


MCKENZIE, Tenn (WKRN) — More than two dozen dogs have been rescued from a property about two hours west of Nashville.

Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) crews responded to the McKenzie home on Monday afternoon after authorities visited the property last week and raised concerns about the welfare of the animals.

Once inside, responders found 24 dogs roaming free, with floors covered in feces and high levels of ammonia. Two small dogs were found in the home’s crawl space, while a medium-sized dog was living loose in the backyard.

All rescued animals were given to ARC by the residents of the estate.

ARC officials say the animals suffer from a range of medical issues, including ammonia exposure, overgrown nails, severe matting, shedding, skin infections, ear and eye infections and untreated injuries, and internal and external parasites. Most dogs are underweight and at least three of them are likely pregnant.

The dogs were transported to ARC’s Rescue Operation Center in Lebanon. There they will receive all the proper veterinary care and vaccinations. Then the animals are transported to local animal shelters and shelters to be put up for adoption.

That rescue came on the day of the #BettyWhiteChallenge, which was doing the rounds on social media. To honor the late actress, many are making donations to local animal welfare organizations, which has been a major cause that she has dedicated time and resources to.

For anyone interested in adopting one or more of these dogs, they will be posted on ARC’s Facebook page once the move is complete.

You can also donate to ARC by CLICK HERE.


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