Give this whiskey another chance


Welcome to cheap shots, a column in which we revisit the inexpensive, so-called “bottom-shelf” whiskeys and spirits we fondly drank in college and look at them through a more refined — almost grown-up — lens. Each week I pick a new bottle from the bottom shelf to drink and review it with an open mind, positivity and a drooling mouth. This week: Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Bourbon

Wild Turkey


What is it? It’s bourbon, dummy! Aged in American white oak casks, Wild Turkey is an 81 proof straight Kentucky-style bourbon whiskey found in most bars across the country. Nestled alongside bottles like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey’s accessible vanilla caramel flavor makes it just as easy to drink over ice as it is in a cocktail

Smells like: Whiskey – meaning Wild Turkey has that straight forward sweet and spicy whiskey smell that lights up your nostrils like illegal fireworks on the 4th of July (as well as the many days that border on the very loud holiday) and hits you with a characteristic sharp punch Scent that I can only describe as “wild turkey”.

Tastes like: There are some bottles of bourbon that you bring along for special occasions — like meeting your partner’s parents or whatever — but don’t be fooled by the fact that price always dictates taste. Wild Turkey tastes like a cheap bourbon whiskey should; That citrus caramel flavor can be a bit overwhelming at times, but this stuff goes down so easily it’s pretty easy to ignore.

Try it: On ice or with soda water for a quick after-work refreshment, or with a squirt of ginger ale to emphasize the sweetness. cord unwinds from your tether! (cord from your leash unwinds) WHOA-oh. Whoa-OH.


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