Sama’ Abdulhadi announces a series of charity club events for Lebanon


Sama’ Abdulhadi has announced a new club event series, Bring Back Beirut, to raise money for Lebanon as the country grapples with one of the world’s worst economic crises.

The Palestinian techno DJ and musician and former DJ Mag cover star launched the project at The Ballroom Blitz in Beirut, where she performed an impromptu night alongside local artists. A major free event is also planned for the city later in 2022.

Before that, the next session will take place on Saturday 12 March, this time rotating at London’s Phonox, where a host of Lebanese names are on the program – Jad Taleb, Sam Karam and Tryanglema. Nusaned, a humanitarian, community-based, volunteer-run NGO based in Beirut, is a partner in the project, which will also visit cities like Berlin and Paris in the coming months.

Currently, hyperinflation in the cost of basic necessities and the aftermath of a massive explosion that leveled the port of Beirut and the surrounding area in 2020 are among the major problems facing Lebanon. Electricity, clean water and medicines are scarce. Nonetheless, the capital is still considered the center of the region’s club and dance music culture, with a thriving arts scene to boot.

“I am launching the ‘Bring Back Beirut’ initiative to help Lebanon get back on its feet,” says Abdulhadi. “Beirut needs us! The region is still devastated after the 2020 explosion. I chose Nusaned to do this I trust the funds will reach those in need. Beirut is my second home, it’s the place where I found myself in music and found my freedom. It’s the least I can do to draw attention to the situation.”

“We are grateful that renowned international artist Sama’ Abdulhadi has launched her Bring Back Beirut fundraising initiative to help Lebanon in its dire need. We are honored that she has placed her trust in Nusaned by choosing us to be the recipient of funds raised at her events,” said a spokesman for Nusaned Act For Lebanon, where we sponsor families in difficulty to provide them with financial assistance leave.

“Your fundraising initiative will also raise much-needed awareness of the plight of the Lebanese people and hopefully create a ripple effect through additional collaborations. Thanks to the support of NGOs and individuals like Sama’, Nusaned will continue its mission of helping underserved communities become self-sustaining,” they continued.

In addition to the events, Abudulhadi also contributes to a new NFT compilation release to be released on the Bolero platform. A number of Lebanese artists are also involved, with all producers agreeing to auction songs and shares of the masters to raise more money for the cause.

Re-read DJ Mag’s long read on clubbing in Beirut. Tickets for Bring Back Beirut at Phonox, London are on sale now.


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