Sama’ Abdulhadi Announces ‘Bring Back Beirut’ Fundraiser for Lebanon – News


Musician and DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi has announced a fundraiser for Lebanon entitled ‘Bring Back Beirut’. It will be in partnership with the NGO Nusaned.

It kicks off March 12 at London’s Phonox with sets from Lebanese DJs Jad Taleb, Sam Karam and Tryangleman and will also visit Berlin, Paris and other regions.

The roots of the initiative began last weekend in Beirut when Abdulhadi played an impromptu night at The Ballroom Blitz venue.

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Bring Back Beirut will conclude with a free, large-scale event in the region later this year.

“I am launching the ‘Bring Back Beirut’ initiative to help Lebanon get back on its feet,” explains Abdulhadi. “Beirut needs us! The region is still devastated after the 2020 explosion. I have chosen Nusaned to channel all financial proceeds from the events as I have confidence that the funds will reach those in need.”

“Beirut is my second home, it’s the place where I found myself in music and found my freedom. It’s the least I can do to highlight the situation.”

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For the kick-off event, 100% of the booking fees will also be donated.

“We are grateful that the renowned international artist Sama’ Abdulhadi has launched her fundraising initiative “Bring Back Beirut” to support Lebanon in its need,” explains Nusaned. “We are honored that she has placed her trust in Nusaned by choosing us to be the recipient of funds raised at her events.

These funds go directly to the Adopt A Family program in partnership with Act For Lebanon, where we sponsor families in difficulty to provide them with financial support. Your fundraising initiative will also raise much-needed awareness of the plight of the Lebanese people and hopefully create a domino effect through additional collaborations. Thanks to the support of NGOs and individuals like Sama’, Nusaned will continue its mission to help underserved communities become self-sustaining and also help his country in times of crisis.”

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Abdulhadi will also contribute to an NFT compilation along with various electronic music artists who have all agreed to auction their songs as well as shares in their masters to also raise funds for the country. The first publication is expected before spring.

Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the worst economic crises in the world, with electricity, water, food and medicines in short supply. Despite the crisis caused by the 2020 port explosion, art and culture are thriving: something this series seeks to represent.

Get tickets for the Phonox launch event here and hear more from Sama’ Abdulhadi here.

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