Turkey lifts ban on imports of scrap metal from Lebanon – Middle East Monitor


Turkey has lifted the import ban on scrap metal from Lebanon. The move to lift the 2018 ban was announced by Lebanon’s economy minister and will, Amin Salam said, boost Lebanon’s economy by $100 million a year.

“During my meeting with Turkish officials as part of Lebanese President Najib Mikati’s visit to Ankara, we discussed the steps we can take to boost trade levels to higher levels than in the past,” Salam said. “As a result of these bilateral talks, we succeeded in a first step in lifting the ban on scrap exports to Turkey.”

Official data reported by MTV showed that Lebanese scrap metal exports to Turkey accounted for more than 40 percent of all scrap metal exported before 2018.

“Minister Mehmet Mus contacted me and informed me that the decision has become official and Lebanon can immediately return to exporting scrap metal,” Salam added. “This positive initiative by Turkey supports the Lebanese economy at a very critical time when our country is asking for support to emerge from its acute crisis on the path to recovery and reform.”

In addition, the Lebanese official said, “Upon the recommendation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has expressed the willingness of its companies to implement major infrastructure projects in Lebanon, including the reconstruction of the port of Beirut.”

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