Rights group urgently seeks support for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon


Beirut: According to Anadolu News Agency, a human rights group has asked the international community for urgent financial assistance for Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon who are suffering from increasing hardship and vulnerability.

The call came in the wake of Palestinian refugees enduring the effects of the economic crisis caused by the Russian war in Ukraine, amid high food prices and shortages of basic necessities.

In a statement, the Palestinian Association for Human Rights, known as Witness, expressed regret at what it called the international community’s double standard in handling the Palestinian refugee issue.

“While the international community mobilized all economic, political, social and media capacities to support Ukrainian refugees, there has been an unjustified lack of support for Palestinian refugees,” it said.

According to the rights group, around 250,000 Palestinian refugees live in difficult conditions in 12 refugee camps in Lebanon.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine escalates, Lebanon worries about its wheat reserves. Lebanon has wheat reserves for a month at most and is seeking import deals with various countries due to market supply concerns due to the Ukraine crisis.

Russia and Ukraine entered their 15th day of fighting on Wednesday after Russian leader Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of the country on February 24.


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