Out-of-state man admits smuggling Iranian nationals | USAO SDTX


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A 62-year-old man pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle two Iranian nationals into the country, US Attorney Jennifer B. Lowery announced.

Gholamreza Hosseinpour, of Fairfax, Virginia, pleaded guilty to two counts of transporting illegal aliens within the United States.

As part of his pleading, he admitted that he flew to Texas from his home state on December 19, 2021. He rented a vehicle in San Antonio and drove to McAllen to pick up two people who had entered the United States from Mexico. Hosseinpour then drove them north to the Javier Vega Jr. Border Patrol (BP) checkpoint near Sarita.

There, law enforcement conducted an initial inspection, during which the two individuals were unable to answer questions about their citizenship. Authorities eventually determined that each individual was from Iran and was in the United States illegally.

US District Judge David S. Morales will hand down the conviction on June 9. Hosseinpour faces up to five years in prison and a possible maximum fine of $250,000 at that time.

He was allowed to remain on bail until that hearing.

BP conducted the investigation. Assistant US Attorneys Dennis Robinson and Molly Smith are prosecuting the case.


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