“We’re a different company now,” ZTE says after the Iran book


The Chinese gear supplier responded to a request from Capacity for a news story and podcast about a new book written by former ZTE USA general counsel.

In the book, released April 5, Dallas attorney Ashley Yablon says ZTE showed him a plan to “circumvent US export laws.” Staff told him that “the law is just a proposal,” he writes in the book Standing Up to China: How a Whistleblower Risked Everything for His Country.

said ZTE capacity in response to a request for comment on the book: “Since 2018, when ZTE’s new management team set out to make ZTE a global leader in compliance, the company has made compliance the cornerstone of its strategic development and its operations and is proud of the significant improvement in the company’s compliance program and culture.”

Former CEO Shi Lirong, whose signature was on a document approving ZTE’s plan to circumvent US sanctions, was replaced in 2016 by Zhao Xianming, who had previously been CTO. But Zhao himself was replaced in the 2018 settlement with the US, under which ZTE paid a $1.2 billion fine.

CEO since 2018 is Xu Ziyang, former CTO of ZTE Europe and America and former CEO of ZTE Services Germany.

in the meantime capacity ZTE also asked about allegations by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) that it had conspired to commit visa fraud by bringing researchers to the US on academic visas and then redirecting them from a university to a ZTE office.

A Georgia Tech professor and a former ZTE research director have appeared in court in the United States. The company announced this capacity that “the hearing focused on allegations against a former ZTE employee who has not worked for the company for several years. The company has not been charged with the allegations.”


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