Lebanese College Receives $22.5M From Litigation Settlement Local


LEBANON, Ore. – A Lebanese college is awarded a $22.5 million settlement in a lawsuit.

The Oregon Health Authority will pay out the settlement to FamilyCare Inc. over the next four years. The nonprofit will then donate that money to Western University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific-Northwest (COMP-Northwest).

“We spent four years litigating one thing at a time and it finally got to the point of the litigation and as usual when you approach the litigation everyone says, ‘Well, why don’t we try to see if can we come to an agreement?’” said Jeff Heatherington, CEO of FamilyCare.

Heatherington said FamilyCare sued the Oregon Health Department in 2017, alleging that it artificially lowered its premiums below those of its competitors, forcing FamilyCare to close due to lost revenue.

The settlement was announced on Friday, and officials said no one was admitting liability under the agreement.

Heatherington, who founded COMP-Northwest, said the money will go to the college because it has grown every year since it opened and the $22.5 million could be used for a newer, larger building.

“We’re running out of space for the students we have — about 100 in each class — and we wanted to look at developing a graduate program in behavioral health therapy,” he said.

Heatherington said there is another location in Lebanon that the college could use as part of an expansion project.

“The Heatherington Foundation, which is part of our group, bought the old Weyerhaeuser factory in Lebanon,” he added.


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