Turkey wants to build ties with Syrian regime – Middle East Monitor


According to the Turkish newspaper, talks are underway on establishing new relations between Turkey and Syria Hurriyet.

Hurriyet revealed that talks are being held in Ankara to start talks with the Syrian regime, covering three issues.

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According to the newspaper, the government believes Turkey‘s role in recent months, particularly in resolving the Ukraine war, and Russia’s focus on the war could be a good time to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Sources said that the current situation could open up new opportunities for Turkey, especially to solve the problem of Syria and the problem of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The sources added that already existing ties between Damascus and Ankara could be improved as they were previously held back by Russia and Iran. However, Moscow is currently busy with its war in Ukraine and the worldwide reactions to it.

For its part, Turkey, the sources added, insists on three points: preserving the unified structure, the unity of the Syrian territories and ensuring the safety of refugees returning to their country.

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Issues related to Syria’s territorial integrity and unified structure include the activities of the PKK in Syria and the “autonomous” region of northeastern Syria, according to the newspaper.

Ankara believes that al-Assad’s visit to the United Arab Emirates last month shows that he needs to take new initiatives and create new support, and that different ways of solving the problem are being explored.

The sources added that Turkey could turn this process in its favor if the “new phase” of relations with the UAE is considered.

It stressed that the success of these efforts will result in the return to their country of at least half of the refugees living in Turkey.


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