“Deportation of Pakistanis by Europe and Middle East shows failure of immigration policies”


Almost every month a group of deportees from European or Middle Eastern countries, or sometimes from the United States, arrives at Karachi airport or port. They are deported from various economically prosperous countries because their stay in the foreign countries is considered illegal according to their immigration laws.

Officials said the recurring and increasing incidents of Pakistani deportees returning to their homes proved the fact that the government agencies and state agencies concerned had seriously failed in their obligation to stem the threat of organized human trafficking and illegal immigration through systematic working groups and syndicates of criminals.

It appears that the country’s relevant laws to stop the threat of illegal immigration are not being observed and implemented by the concerned state law enforcement agencies.

Not only that, it has also been observed that several franchised agents have been opened across Pakistan claiming to issue immigrant visas, work visas or visit visas. The agents swindle millions of rupees from innocent citizens. The citizens find out that the agents have cheated them, fled abroad or disappeared. Some of the victims have complained that the money they paid their agents for visas was not returned even when they were detained by the Federal Criminal Police Office or the anti-trafficking agency.

Sources have told The News that as human trafficking is not a problem of a day but of years and still no effective solution to the problem has been found, several measures have been taken to deal with the problem but all to no avail.

They say that either the FIA ​​authorities have been collecting data from franchises operating across the country to send citizens to work or immigrate abroad.

According to the sources, these franchises should be licensed or registered, and wondering if this is not done, how authorities can stop human trafficking or fraud by agents.

Sources claim that through a registration or licensing policy, they obtained details of these agents, stored them, and initiated the process to revoke their licenses. It is easy to spot criminal-minded agents, the sources say, adding that some of the directors of the FIA ​​are trying to catch the operators of these well-known agent mafia agencies, but they are facing a lot of pressure from the authorities and the operation is going bad stopped overnight.

According to official figures, several cases against the agent mafia for fraud against citizens are being registered at the local police stations or at the FIA ​​police stations, but no government agency seems interested in taking this problem seriously, as the director has posted several times at the FIA ​​Sindh and in other provinces of Pakistan have asked the government to improve the process and provide funds for this purpose, but the requested benefit is still pending.

They say another major problem is the e-Visa system as the FIA ​​authorities still have no mechanism to verify the e-Visa at their international counter, for which several requests have been made to the government. They say that requests have also been made for consulates to be networked with the FIA ​​to verify or install the e-visa verification mechanism, but the requests are ongoing.


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