Convergence between China and the Middle East grows amid Ukraine war


May 18, 2022 6:54 am IS

Beijing [China]May 18 (ANI): Motivated by a shared frustration with the United States, China will benefit from a growing convergence of views, including stances on Ukraine, with key Middle Eastern countries and fill the region’s power vacuum.
China and its Middle East partners have often found themselves on the same side of the conflict in Ukraine, the Straits Times reported.
The rapprochement between China and the Middle East is also evident in the voting results of three recent United Nations resolutions.

The UN Security Council voted on February 26 on a resolution that would have called on Moscow to immediately stop its attack on Ukraine and withdraw all troops. According to the media portal, China and the United Arab Emirates abstained from voting on this resolution.
Moreover, China has not condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine, nor ruled out the possibility of Beijing acting as a mediator in a quest for peace.
There are not only fears of “economic insecurity” but also “reputational damage” due to China’s connection to the “brutality of Russian aggression” against Ukraine, and because of this fact Chinese President Xi Jinping is “unnerved”.
This war is proving risky for China, putting Beijing in an awkward connection as it seeks to juggle support for its ally while pretending to be neutral.
China has endeavored to present itself as neutral in this conflict, but it is evident that walking such a tightrope is not easy. Russian talking points are blithely repeated by Chinese officials, an example being the ridiculous notion that the US has biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine. (ANI)


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