Lutheran Church calls for end to Israeli occupation of Palestine – Middle East Monitor


The Lutheran World Federation has issued a statement calling on the international community to find “a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” a solution that will bring “an end to the occupation.”

“The Council is deeply concerned by the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the recent escalation of violence, including the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, other journalists and other innocent victims,” ​​the statement said, referring to the attacks on Palestinians Al Jazeera said Abu Akleh, who was killed by snipers last month while covering an Israeli raid on a Palestinian refugee camp.

“It is discouraging that no solution has yet been found to the serious situation and as a result human rights, life, livelihood and dignity are threatened.”

The LWF commended the work of its affiliate, Augusta Victoria Hospital, noting that the hospital’s services are “often threatened by a recurring financial crisis directly related to the conflict.” She urged donors, including the United States and the European Union, to provide timely funds to support the medical center.

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