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LEBANON, Indiana (WISH) – The Lebanese city government wants to annex more than 1,400 acres, but the people who own the land are angry because no one will tell them why the annexation is happening.

It’s hard to see from the ground just how much land the city of Lebanon plans to annex, so I-Team 8 launched their drone to get a better look around. The city government is trying to annex hundreds of acres for a state-planned huge development.

John Allen and all of his neighbors received a letter in the mail last week telling them survey teams were entering their property. The letter, which was provided to I-Team 8, says the city government is after 1,450 acres in what the city is calling “voluntary annexation.”

Allen assumes that the annexation is linked to the planned commercial zone in Lebanon. “We don’t know who is responsible for all of this. They tell us it’s the state. They tell us it’s the city,” he said.

According to the letter, Allen and nearly 50 other landowners are on the list Agenda of the Lebanese City Council session at Tuesday evening. Lebanon has started the process of annexing the landowners’ property, but the letter doesn’t tell them why. It said landowners would receive information about planned or potential use of the land at the hearing. Allen and dozens of other landowners in the area have received offers to sell their land for the development called Innovation Park.

The current offer, says Allen, is a slap in the face. “And they’re making the offers from last year’s tax assessment, not this year’s, and it took us years to get to where we are now,” Allen said.

Allen and others moved to this part of the county to escape the confines of a city. Now the city and state governments want their land.

Opponents of the innovation park have scheduled a meeting at the Boone County Fairgrounds for Saturday.


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