​​​​​​​Politicians: Turkey uses ISIS under a different name and flag every time – ANHA | HAWARNEWS


Last Tuesday, the US Central Command announced the killing of a leader of IS mercenaries in an airstrike outside the Turkish-held city of Janders.

Many reports and documents revealed the Turkish occupation state’s relationship with ISIS mercenaries in Syria and its continued support of its cells in the country and their close association, especially after the assassination of the leaders of the first lines of ISIS mercenaries in Syrian territories controlled by Turkey are occupied despite being a member of the international coalition against ISIS.

Politician and member of the Politburo of the Kurdistan Peace Democratic Party, Muslim Abbas, considered the Turkish occupying state to be the first backer of ISIS mercenaries, based on documents explaining the connection between them and that ISIS mercenaries were formed to help the agendas serving the Turkish occupying state, saying, “ISIS uses mercenaries for its interests and agendas, and each time it uses them under a different name and a different flag.”

Abbas attributed the escalation of attacks and threats in northern Syria to the Turkish occupying state’s attempt to avenge ISIS mercenaries and its first-class leaders who were being attacked in the occupied territories of northern Syria.

Turkey has turned the areas it occupies in Syria “Jarabulus, Azaz, Afrin, al-Bab, Idlib, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê” into safe areas where ISIS mercenaries can reorganize.

Politician Abbas checked some facts pointing to Turkish support for ISIS mercenaries: “The attack of ISIS mercenaries on the city of Kobani in 2014 was planned by the Turkish occupation, which opened its borders to cross to Kobani .”

Noting that the Turkish occupation state was the one that facilitated the movement of mercenaries in and out of Syrian territory and their crossing from Europe to the region, he said: “The Turkish state was a corridor for foreign ISIS mercenaries to arrive in Syria . “

Politician Muslim Abbas restored Turkish occupation state’s support for ISIS mercenaries; On the attack on northern and eastern Syria, the community and international forces led by the International Coalition have remained silent, blaming them for what the mercenaries are doing.

He believed that international forces knew very well that those fighting under other names alongside the Turkish occupying state against northern and eastern Syria were IS mercenaries, and Muslim Abbas stressed that it was necessary for society and the international forces break their silence and put an end to the massacres and crimes committed by the Turkish occupying state against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.




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