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Date: July 20, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
Guest: David Rubin
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President Biden returned from his trip to the Middle East last weekend, during which he visited Israel and Saudi Arabia. He has been criticized for using “fist bumps” instead of shaking hands or giving hugs like he did during his recent NATO summit visit. He was also criticized for being humiliated for failing to obtain cooperation on energy issues with Saudi Arabia.

David Rubin returned to Crosstalk to offer his perspective on this and other related Middle Eastern news topics. David is a former mayor of Shiloh, Israel and the author of seven books including: Confronting Radicals: What America Can Learn from Israel. He is the founder and president of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, which was established after he and his then-three-year-old son were wounded in a terrorist attack.

Jim kicked things off with an audio of President Biden sharing that there are those who thought his administration was moving away from the Middle East compared to the previous administration, leaving a vacuum for China or Russia to fill. He said, “…and we can’t let that happen.”

In response, David indicated that this gap has been filled by Russia, Iran and Syria, and as far as Israel is concerned, it’s probably a good thing that nothing is happening in terms of pressure. Still, there is the Iran issue and whether President Biden is the man to take care of it is another story.

Regarding President Biden’s gaff, where he said, “…keeping alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust…”, David doesn’t think anything is worth criticizing, and he will not criticize the President for every gaff , which he makes. However, he thinks having a president who suffers from dementia and cognitive problems is problematic.

Overall, David does not see President Biden as a great friend of Israel and that Biden’s problem goes back many years. When Biden was a senator, he questioned Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who was addressing the Senate. Biden lectured the prime minister criticizing Israeli settlement (simply building up the Land of Israel), saying it was unacceptable and threatening to stop financial aid. David noted that this threat of simply wanting to build Israeli homes in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) is something that has not been forgotten by most people in Israel.

This is an information-packed program to watch if you want the full context of what is going on with Israel. Here is a small sample of what David commented:

  • President Biden and Israel’s interim prime minister signed the Jerusalem Declaration. This is a framework for relations that says neither Israel nor the US would allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Is the Biden administration really sincere in this regard?
  • The Biden administration has been described by a Gatestone Institute writer as the friendliest to Iran’s mullahs. Why is that?
  • Are there any words or threats that will stop Iran from continuing the current course they are on?
  • Does he see a difference in the responses between the Trump and Biden administrations regarding Iran?

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